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Teyseer Group

Welcome to the Teyseer Group. It seems only a short while since 1968, and our first small steps into the market place of Qatar.

In fact, we were indeed, very much newcomers. Many of the prestigious international companies were already represented, and feeling the benefits of the "industrial revolution" in the Gulf. Through the untiring efforts and dedication of both management and workforce, we have nevertheless been able to achieve rapid progress by the introduction of new markets. Today, we are one of Qatar's leading business organizations with many of the companies within our group, market leaders in their own particular field.

The secret of our success as you would expect has been due to a number of factors. The discovery of fossil fuels in the 1950's has unquestionably been the catalyst for the subsequent progress of Qatar to the modern, sophisticated State it is today, under the inspiring leadership of Father Emir HH Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, Emir HH Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani and Prime Minister HE Abdullah Bin Nasser Bin Khalifa Al Thani. The state has provided extra ordinary vision and direction in exploiting this natural resource to its full. A stable government policy of judicious and prudent industrialization has created a climate for continuing growth.

This has provided the playing field on which, today we operate and passionately compete. Our success has been due to our philosophy of continually looking forward, to analyze and anticipate opportunities available as future economic and industrial scenario unfolds.

Our strength lies in our ability to create fresh and often innovative ideas and by using the enormous resource we have in-house, to shape and mold these concepts, into practical and cost effective proposals for project development and multifarious business activities. These are then finally synchronized in a truly professional manner to achieve above all a single goal. To provide outstanding service to the Qatari market whether it is a government department, one of our international representative companies or an individual consumer.

This on-line profile has been produced to provide a brief status record of the Group's capability after nearly three decades of business operations. It is not possible to depict all aspects and dynamism that are combined in the physiology of our activities. Nevertheless, we hope this homepage portrays in pictures and words, an overview of the Group operations.

We are proud of our involvement in the development and co-operation with many international enterprises. We are always open for business and to new ideas, because an open mind, is one, that can take full advantage of opportunity.