Diet Delights

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Diet Delights

Who We Are

Healthy Living & Healthy Eating for All!!!

Vision: To lead a lifestyle transformation in Qatar encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle

Mission: To provide our customers with a range of nutritious ,delicious ready-made meals of the highest quality. We will promote a balanced healthy lifestyle through all our products and services.

Diet Delights was established in Lebanon in 2004 and as the name suggest is a delightful new concept introduced to provide holistic 360 degree solutions to the health challenges facing the 21st century.

Obesity is the impact of psychological , physiological ,social , nutritional and educational factors and maintaining balance is key to long term success.

The government of Qatar is actively trying to promote the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and it is important for the private sector to play its role and be supportive.

Diet Delights offers clinical nutrition support, catering services and continuously building community awareness.

Clinic: Diet Delights provides you with the opportunity to work with a Dietitian ion order to achieve a healthier you

We will offer you counselling and education sessions, individualized meal plans and exercise regimens to help you achieve your goals. Bear in mind that you are in secure hands as our team of experts only relies on evidence based scientific guidelines to guide you through the change process.